Meet Bimal, the "Brain"

He is wired

He is a geek

He is an athlete and our planner

Meet Bimal

His Mission: Turn the world into a spreadsheet

Hi Bim, describe a typical day at MDP

I am building a strong Supply Chain Team implementing industry standard system.

But we are a small team so I can intervene in other departments

How do you manage your busy schedule in this challenging environment? Whiskey?


I try to prioritize and deliver the best way I can. The interaction with the rest of the team is a very important part of it. I use a little help too, but it’s not Whiskey, only Redbull!

How do you deal with the madness and creativity coming from NPD?

It’s a challenging part of my day, I have to deal with a creative mind and there’s no software able to help me out on this! I always try to accommodate the NPD requests, this company is very focused on it and I do my best to support all activities.”